A Complete Guide for TWS Headphones

True wireless (or TWS) headphones are the latest amazing audio technology. Apple AirPods and DM headphones are among the leading True Wireless headphones on the market. When you put on the headset, you have complete freedom of movement: there is no wire connection between the headset and the phone, not even between each other.

All this sounds great. True wireless earphones are even the best-selling earphones currently. But what does real wireless/TWS mean? This blog is an in-depth discussion of TWS technology. TWS means earplugs. It covers everything you need to know, including the advantages and disadvantages of owning a pair of headphones, and where you can find these headphones at an affordable price.

1. What is true wireless stereo (TWS) technology?

What magic allows you to listen to music without headphones? This is a great invention of modern audio technology. Bluetooth.

When you have a pair of TWS earbuds and a specific “main” earbud (for example, you must use at least the left earbud to listen to music), then this earbud will become the main Bluetooth connection for your phone. Then send the music to your other earbud (for example, the right) through the secondary connection. Think of this system as a set of invisible wires connecting your phone and earplugs.

If you have dual main earbuds, such as DM SoundLiberty 77 and 79, then any earbud you connect first can be the “main” earbud and establish the main connection. This means that if there is an incoming call, you don’t need to consider which headset to use.

2. TWS vs wireless headset

Among all the names of “wired/wireless/TWS”, one thing must be answered: What is the difference between a wireless headset and a truly wireless headset?

The wireless headset can still connect to Bluetooth, and confusingly, it still has wires. However, there is no connection between your phone and the headset; these wires connect the earbuds together. An iron wire will wrap around the back of your neck. This is especially useful for fitness because if you need to rest, magnetized earplugs can be connected together to form a “necklace.”

True Wireless or TWS Bluetooth headsets are not subject to this restriction. They have no cables, not even between the headphones. This means that you can pass the headset to a friend one meter away, without worrying about the headset cord separating you very close. This is what the TWS headset means!

3. Application of TWS technology

True wireless technology is not specifically applied to earplugs, although it is by far the most common application. Other common applications of this technology include its use in speakers and chargers. If there is no wire, but there is still a Bluetooth connection, your device may be truly wireless!

4. Advantages of using TWS Bluetooth headset

Want to switch to True Wireless? Here are the three benefits of these modern earbuds.

  • Complete freedom

When you buy true wireless, you have complete audio freedom. You will no longer be connected to your phone all the time; when you jump to the other side, place it on one side of the room with your hands completely free. Trust us: Once you experience a lifestyle without wires and entanglements with him, you will never go back.

  • Total versatility

You may have realized that having complete freedom means having complete diversity. Share your music with friends when you are separated, or just wear one headset at a time. You can wear this headset anytime, anywhere. For a detailed exploration of the best time to use TWS headsets, please refer to the FAQ section below.

  • Reduce potential harm

Just because TWS is in the name does not mean that your earplugs are indestructible. However, the lack of wires does prevent wire-related damage. When you use standard wired headsets—especially the cheaper ones—you run the risk of damage to the connection. Especially when the wire is connected to the headphone jack, this means that one or both of your headphones cannot receive audio. Cut the wires and remove these problems from your life.

5. Disadvantages of using TWS Bluetooth headsets

Having said that, these headphones are not for everyone. Before buying a TWS Bluetooth headset, be sure to understand the disadvantages of using TWS Bluetooth headsets compared to wired headsets.

  • Noise reduction and speech recognition capabilities

If you are mainly looking for noise-cancelling headphones or TWS headphones, specifically for answering work calls, then it is recommended that you buy a pair of precision-designed headphones specifically for this purpose. Although having these features in TWS Bluetooth headsets is an additional benefit, they are not the greatest benefit or sole purpose of truly wireless headsets.

  • Cost

As a newer and more developed technology, TWS headsets are mostly more expensive than standard wired headsets. For example, a pair of cheap wired headphones may be less than $10, while a cheap TWS Bluetooth headset may cost you $50.

In these cases, you will get what you want: a pair of cheap (under $10) wired headphones may seem like a good short-term investment, but a pair of cheap ($30-50) TWS headphones have All the benefits listed above. In this case, it is important to weigh your options and see if it is worthwhile to make your headphones have future protection features or to spend a lower initial cost.

6. TWS Earbuds FAQ

We answered all the frequently asked questions about true wireless stereo and true wireless/TWS Bluetooth headsets. If you need answers to other questions, please visit our website!

How to charge TWS headphones?

You need to put your TWS headset into the headset bag to charge it. It’s that simple! Each earplug has its own specially made base with a connection point for charging.

If your earbuds are turned on when you take them out of your bag, the lights on the earbuds will tell you when they are charging. In addition, if your earphones are turned on when the earphone case is open, the flashing light on the earphone case will indicate whether they are charging.

To charge your suitcase, just plug it into the power source via USB. When you buy earplugs, the correct cable will be provided in the box. A small number of mobile phones can be charged with a wireless charger.

Tips: Try not to charge your headphones; they usually do not require more than two hours of charging time. If you do not use the headset for a long time, you should charge the headset at least once every six months and make sure that the battery is fully charged before putting the headset in storage.

When is the best time to wear TWS headphones?

TWS earplugs are very useful because they are really versatile. With high-fidelity sound and the latest soundproofing technology, you can wear them in the gym and in the office when answering crisp voice calls.

The recommended time to wear earplugs includes:

When working. This can be done indoors, whether you are working out at home or in the gym, or you can run or jog outdoors. Remember, if you are running on the road, you should always be able to hear traffic and people around you to prevent accidents.

Focus on the office. You can focus better and accomplish more when listening to music. This is especially necessary if you are working from home and it is difficult to concentrate. True wireless headphones have an ergonomic design, meaning they fit comfortably and unobtrusively in your ears for hours.

Bring the phone. The Bluetooth headset was once the latest technology?  True Wireless took this concept and developed it into a wonderful thing. Answer calls while on the road or at work, even if your phone is hidden in a desk drawer. When answering or putting down the call, just tap the earbuds.

Commute. Although most people now commute from bedroom to study, it may not be long before we have to return to the subway or bus. The first few days may feel like great background noise! ​​Human contact! But we are pretty sure you will want to get back to normal as soon as possible. TWS Bluetooth headsets can help you distract yourself while listening to your favourite music in the morning.

In fact, there is no best time to wear TWS headphones. Why? The best time is any time you want!

How to pair the TWS Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone?

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The distance between your phone and headset should be within 3 feet (1 meter).
  2. Turn on the headset and search for a new device in the Bluetooth settings of the phone. Fit the correct earplugs.
  3. You are connected and ready to listen to music! When you turn on the headset next time, your phone will be automatically paired.

Please remember that each pair of DM earphones has a detailed, step-by-step user manual that will guide you on how to connect the earphones.

7. 5 safety tips for TWS earphones

In order to ensure the safe use of TWS Bluetooth headsets, you need to pay attention to the following points. Following these suggestions will also help extend the life of your headset. They should be followed at all times – no exceptions!

  • Do not disassemble or modify the headset for any reason
  • If you check any equipment warranty, you may see this warning: Do not disassemble or modify your equipment, otherwise, your warranty will be invalid. Part of the reason why this standard is established is that inexperienced people may cause damage to the complicated internal circuits of the earplugs, and doing so may pose a potential danger to themselves.

For example, it is difficult for you to replace the battery of a wireless headset yourself. If it is not done properly, this complicated procedure will eventually damage the shell of the earplug. Damage to your audio equipment in this way will make it painful to wear and/or unusable.

  • Don’t get your device wet

Anyone who owns electronics knows the damage that liquids can cause. Never immerse earplugs in water. Wearing earplugs when bathing is impossible, and you should not wear earplugs when swimming.

If your TWS headset has an IPX rating (preferably IPX 7 or above), you can wear it while exercising. They can avoid damage caused by sweat and light rain.

  • Don’t expose your device to extreme temperatures

Humans do not like to be too cold or too hot. The TWS Bluetooth headset is the same. No matter where you are from, you should make sure that your headphones are not exposed to temperatures below 37°F (3°C) or above 112°F (45°C). If you live in a country with a cold or hot climate, you should make sure that your headphones are not left outside or near windows for too long.

One of the key reasons you should not expose electronic devices to these temperatures is that they can damage the battery and reduce the activation time of the device. It is estimated that the operating strength of the battery at 32 degrees Fahrenheit is about 60%.

  • Do not put the light of the device close to the eyes

It is important that no lights on the TWS device are close to the eyes. This is especially necessary for the eyes of children or animals. Fortunately, very few (if any) headphones have built-in glare.

  • Do not use the device during thunderstorms

As with all electronic devices, if there is a thunderstorm, you should use TWS devices carefully. They shouldn’t be plugged into an outlet to charge during a storm, because they may be damaged if there is a power surge.

8. Conclusion

TWS technology already exists. Knowing everything about it will help you make an informed decision about which true wireless headset you want to buy instead of the default $200 device. High-quality and inexpensive TWS headphones are already available. Now that you have read this article, you can use these suggestions to shop wisely!

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