A Complete Purchasing Guide for Neckband Headphones

In the past few years, neckband headphones have become the latest trend. More and more people are wearing neckband headphones. You can call it neckband or back of neck and neckband earphones. These unique and modern-style headphones are becoming the first choice for all music lovers and fitness lovers.

The convenience and long battery life of neckband headphones are key factors in their success. They provide useful features that no other in-ear headphone design can match. There are two types of neckband earphones: in-ear and in-ear.

1. Why are neckband headphones so popular?

Compared with over-ear headphones, which may put pressure on the head, neckband headphones have many advantages. Even if worn for a long time, they are easy and comfortable. When not in use, you don’t have to worry about removing them from your neck.

These earphones provide you with the convenience of traditional earphones without having to deal with tangled wires. They come in a variety of styles and can be used for exercise in the gym or for long-distance running.

Since headphones do not use earmuffs, they keep your ears cool and comfortable. When not in use, the neckband headset can sit and rest on your neck.

Most neckband headsets use Bluetooth to connect to the wireless range. This allows you to leave your desk without being tied to a computer. Thanks to the design of the neckband earphones, their battery life is longer than that of wireless earphones in the same range.

Neckband Headphones – Purchasing Guide

2. What features should you consider before buying

When you decided to buy a neckband earphone, you should look at some features to make sure the quality is ok. Choosing the right neckband earphone is not easy, here are some common features to help you know whether you should buy it.

  • Lightweight design

The neckband earphones are designed for portability and convenience. You should choose those that can be worn all day. The position of the button is correct so that it can be easily reached when the phone rings. With these headphones, you can definitely enjoy easy call control. They have earplugs of various sizes to find the one that suits you best.

  • Sound Quality

The basic requirement of any headset is to provide good audio quality. You should look for those that provide a balanced audio response.

  • Active Noise Cancellation

Good noise cancellation is a useful feature, look for headphones in the neckband. The ability of this kind of earphone to isolate noise is very good. This also makes it particularly easy for them to commute and travel. The active noise cancellation function does an impressive job of dispersing ambient noise.

  • Control

Inline control has been a useful feature of smartphones for a long time, but the common problem people face is finding control in the headset cable. For neckband headphones, this is usually not a problem. Their control device is placed on the neck, which is easy to reach.

  • Microphone

The headset should have a good microphone to facilitate conversations. You should also check if they support simultaneous connection to two devices. Sweat/water resistance is always a convenient feature to consider.

  • Battery Life

This high-end model provides an impressive battery life with up to 12 hours of playback time. Compared with traditional headphones, they provide longer battery life. Some models are also equipped with a fast-charging function.

  • Support Bluetooth codec

The Bluetooth codec tells the path of the file transfer from the source to the headset. Over time, performance has greatly improved. For all those looking for valuable audio quality, aptX or aptX HD support should be paid attention to.

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