How to Custom Medals and Find a Supplier?

Selecting the perfect wholesale medal supplier to source medals in bulk is a very important task, whether you are wholesale medals for an event or selling the medals to clients. This is important because you buy a lot of medals, in which case you need to make sure you are happy with the quality, design, material, etc. of your medals.

Because the goal of custom medals is to keep your customers happy or your employees happy by providing them with a sense of accomplishment. That’s why you need a guide to choosing wholesale medal suppliers to buy medals in bulk, and that’s why you should read on to discover all the steps you can take.

1. Custom Medal Sketch

Drafting is one of the most important parts before your start creating custom medals for your event. Before you order your medals and before your personalized medals arrive in your hands, you need to know what they will look like. The goal is to please you with custom medals. If you are not satisfied after getting a custom medal, then the whole purpose of custom personalized medals will be defeated. That’s why the medel supplier made sure to sketch out the medals for your event first and show them to you so you can decide if you like it or not.

1) Provide Draft

If you wish to change anything, please let your supplier know immediately and they will follow your instructions to make such changes to the personalized medal. In the custom medal draft drawing, you will be able to see the colors, patterns, letter fonts, and text, and have a clear picture in your mind of what the custom medal will eventually look like. If you like the design you see, then you can place an order now and they will start the production process.

Provide Draft

2) Make Minor Adjustment

You can also ask your supplier to change the color or make any changes to the pattern. You can also tell them the font you’d like to see on your event’s custom medals. After you have clarified fonts, colors, patterns and other things, they will correct and provide you with another draft design for your review. This process will continue until you like the design of your custom medal.

3) Finalization

When you finally like the design of your personalized medal, your medeal designer will notify you of the price based on these requirements. You can then simply order custom medals. The drawing process does not necessarily have to be done on a computer. Overall sketches for custom medals can be done by hand. This process is necessary because without a sketch, it is impossible to produce an efficient and flawless medallion that is 100% satisfactory to you.

This drafting process will serve as the primary means of communication about the design between the custom medal maker and the buyer. This process helps both parties reduce the complexity of the overall design process. A sketch example is given below for your review.

2. Customized Medals Designed by Customers

Customization is a great business strategy. It just helps in increasing the visibility of any business and brings more benefits. That’s why custom medals are the first choice of many organizations and companies hosting various events.

Your supplier should always make sure to pay attention to detail when refining the overall work. When it comes to customizing your medals, they can give you ample opportunity to exercise control and tweak the product to your liking so you can expect the experience you expect. That’s why you can send them your design and they will make sure to provide you with a final product that provides you with a positive user experience.

1) Thickness and Size

A complete personalized medal design should have the size and thickness mentioned above, because the price depends on the thickness and size. The larger the size and thickness, the higher the price. The price also depends on the color. There should be a mention of how many colors will be used in the design. Some clients like to add gemstones to their personalized medals. Prices also depend on whether you need additional gems attached to your custom medals.

2) Brand Awareness

When your medal maker know all the information about the color, size, thickness and other details, they will be able to tell you the exact price of the custom medal. Before designing custom medals, you need to make sure that these personalized medals will increase your brand awareness, add professionalism, be unique, convey accurate information, be an award of high perceived value, and stand out from competitors.

If you design your custom medals with this in mind, you’ll be sure to boost the overall growth of your organization, foster healthy competition, attract more talent, and become the talk of the town after big events. Don’t delay any longer, send us your design and they will take care of the rest.

3. Customized Medal Selection

The medals are made of different materials and you can find them in various specifications:

1)  Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloys, iron, and copper are generally three raw materials widely used to create personalized medals. Each material has a different price and different properties. When it comes to zinc alloy, it is considered one of the most affordable and best custom medal materials as it is more affordable than chrome which means it is less expensive than stainless steel.

Zinc alloys are heavy elements. When these are used for custom metal alloy medals, they are always ensured to provide proper corrosion resistance, impact strength, stability and dimensional strength. Due to its corrosion resistance, zinc alloy is very popular when making custom medals. Zinc alloys are also known for being rust resistant. If you also want your high quality custom medals to have good dimensional consistency, then zinc alloy could be a great choice for you.

2) Iron Medal

If you want to buy custom medals on the cheap, iron is a good choice for you. However, iron is not as popular as zinc alloys for making personalized medals. The long-term exposure to space will cause oxidation and rust. This is why iron is not as popular as zinc alloys in the market for making custom medals. Custom medals made of iron will not last as long as custom medals made of zinc alloy due to oxidation and rust and lack of resistance to corrosion.

However, you also have to keep the price in mind. You can’t expect to get a lot of good stuff from materials that are available at super low prices. When you expose iron to oxygen and water, they will eventually corrode.

However, coating iron may be a good option to slow or prevent iron corrosion.If you’re looking forward to getting some good quality custom medals, then you need to be prepared to spend a lot more than a personalized medal made of iron and zinc alloy.

Iron Medal

3) Copper Medal

For making this custom medal, the metal will be copper. Copper is more expensive compared to iron and zinc alloys because the quality is also much higher. Copper is often characterized by its weight, and the material is rarely used for custom medals for general events and sporting events due to its low cost-effectiveness. But when it comes to military and other national or international events, copper is used to make personalized medals.

4. Ribbons for Customized Medals

After choosing a custom medal design made by a medal maker or making a personalized medal design yourself, the second thing you need to do is choose the material. When you choose the material and decide on everything else about customizing your medals like color, pattern, size, thickness and other things, the whole process isn’t done yet.

Because the next thing you need for a custom medal is the ribbon for the medal. Ribbons are an important part of the medals as medals can only be awarded to participants if there is no ribbon on the medal.

1) Function and Type of Ribbons

Ribbons also serve other important functions such as marketing and making the entire event unique. Regardless of the quality of the medal, carefully selected ribbons for custom medals will enhance the overall look of the medal. The color of the ribbon should match the color combination of the custom medal so they can make the whole event more exciting and the recipient of the medal will be proud to own it.

With the perfect set of ribbons, custom medals will be irresistible to everyone. You can add any kind of design or any kind of text on your custom medal sublimation ribbon. Sublimation ribbons are perfect for making medals look more attractive and irresistible for everyone.

They are also great for marketing as they communicate the appropriate color and can add more meaning to a personalized medal. If you use the sublimation ribbon option, you can add your logo to the ribbon. Adding logos and other designs related to your company or organization to the ribbon will only add visibility and catch the eye of those attending your event.

2) Add Text or Logo to Customize the Medal

If you print ribbons for custom medals, then you can effortlessly add your corporate slogan and text of your choice to the ribbons. These texts can be motivational or printed on the ribbon of a custom medal to send the right message to the right people at the event. Hence, these ribbons are also perfect for establishing proper communication with the participants and audience.

For a simple and neat ribbon type, you can also choose solid or striped ribbons. You can make your choice based on your preferences, the event, and the medal color. Sometimes simple is best in certain situations. There is a ribbon for every need.

3) Plating Color of the Medal Ribbon

Some general plating colors for custom medals are given below. You can choose your favorite plating color from the plating table according to your requirements and preferences. There are two different prices for shiny plating and antique spray paint, shiny plating and shiny plating and spray paint are the same.

The price of shiny electroplating will be more expensive than antique electroplating and spray color. Since the overall process of coloring is slightly different, you can expect a different cost. Gold custom medals symbolize passion, light, and courage.

Therefore, a bronze personalized medal also represents wealth. Black custom medals symbolize elegance, strength, and sophistication. The blue medallion conveys a message of wisdom, self-confidence, stability, and faith. And a white custom medal conveys a sign of innocence. Now you can choose the perfect color for your custom medal.

Plating Color of the Medal Ribbon

5. Customized Medal Shipping Process

The exact price will be provided once all the above information has been confirmed. Shipping costs should also be taken into account.

1) Air Delivery

If your order quantity is small and the event time is tight, your supplier generally choose air freight, which can be shipped from China to overseas within 3-5 days. Most clients prefer this way because it’s quick and easy. Shipping products by sea is a shipping process suitable for large volumes of goods and requires more transit time compared to air shipping.

2) Sea Delivery

Shipping on board takes about 60 days. Although this shipping process takes longer, it is cheaper. Guests can choose to pick up their goods at a local port or have them delivered to their door. Shipping goods by train also requires us to place a large number of orders, and the shipping time from China to overseas is about 45-50 days. In this way, the customer does not need to pick up the goods at the port or the airport, and the courier will directly deliver the goods to the designated place provided by the customer.

6. Choose the Best Medal Wholesale Supplier

Now that you’ve gone through all the steps involved in ordering custom medals, it shouldn’t be too complicated for you. Our account executives guide you as you go through each of these processes. The next thing is to choose the best medal wholesale supplier.

1) Find A Reliable Source

First of all, you need to choose the best medals wholesale supplier that will be your reliable source for buying medals in bulk. Most people make mistakes when choosing a reputable brand because they don’t know how to distinguish a good medal wholesale supplier from a bad quality medal wholesale supplier.

This mistake has cost them dearly, and they often fail to get their money’s worth with quality medals. Sometimes they buy medals from middlemen, which cost them more money unnecessarily. This is why it is very important to choose a good source of medal wholesale suppliers.

2) Check the Reviews

To choose the right wholesale medal dealer, first, you have to visit their website. Once you visit their website, browse the site properly and read all the details you can find there. This website is the perfect place for you to judge wholesale suppliers of medals. After visiting their website, read the reviews section where other customers have given reviews. You’ll find out how previous customers have shared their opinions about purchasing medals from this particular manufacturer.

3) Check the Information Interface

If you find good reviews, they may be a good wholesale supplier of medals. However, there are many more factors that you have to check when choosing a medal wholesale supplier. Next, you have to read their About page. On a supplier’s “About” page, you’ll find out about their real-world experience and the range of items they supply. If they’re experienced and supply their wares to a wide range of customers, chances are they’re good at what they’re doing and you can buy from them.

Check the Information Interface

4) Terms and Conditions

After looking at their reviews and about page, you must go through their terms and conditions page to see how transparent they are with their customers. Read their terms and conditions carefully, if you find them very transparent then you can know they are trustworthy. You can then look up a page where they show the certificates they have for making the Medal of Excellence. If they do have a certificate, then that is another sign that they are an excellent medal, wholesale supplier.

5) Payment Method

After that, you can see how many payment methods they have added to the website. You might think it’s weird how you can tell if a wholesale medal supplier is good by looking at their website, but the truth is, a good medal manufacturer always adds multiple payment methods on their website for the convenience of customers.

Afterward, you’ll need to browse the site thoroughly to see the medals they’ve collected. If they have a large collection of medals, they are experienced, have been in the business for a long time, and are a good wholesale metal supplier. A good wholesale medal supplier will always have a good selection of medals on their website. Then you have to check if they have custom medal manufacturing capabilities. Most experienced medal makers offer custom options for making medals. So this is also a point you can check.

7. Highlight the Use of Medals:

After finding the best source of medal wholesale suppliers, you need to focus on what you are buying the medals for. Focus on purpose and you’ll be able to make the most of your medals in any situation. Whether you are buying medals wholesale to sell them to other parties, buying medals to hand them directly to recipients to promote your business or organization, or making a big impact at an event, any of these purposes is important because You’ll be buying in bulk, so satisfaction is a must.

Different sports and event medals serve different purposes. Each of these provides different services for different events. Here’s what you need to know before buying medals wholesale so you can use them to your advantage. Once you have selected your medals by matching them to the event, you need to consider other factors depending on your needs or those of your client.

There are options to add a name, business tagline, logo, and more. Medal based on the purpose of the medal, you have to consider these before wholesale medals. Even if you choose a good wholesale medal supplier and don’t know what they are for, you won’t be able to sell them properly, or they won’t provide the people you supply with a great sense of accomplishment to motivate them and push them forward.

1) Find An Experience Supplier

One of the best things you can do before buying medals wholesale is to ask someone who has experience in the field. Telling them to share their experience of purchasing, distributing, or using medals will be of great help to your wholesale medal purchases. Take notes from experienced people and act on those guidelines.

2) Follow the Preference of Customer

Another option is to ask your customers what they prefer, or if you want to award medals to staff or participants, then go ahead and ask them what inspires them the most, then order them in bulk from a wholesale medal supplier. You can also contact us for details of multiple medals which can then be offered to participants or your clients to choose from before placing a bulk order.

In this way, everyone can be satisfied. Choosing medals can also be an exercise in creativity and thinking outside the box. We can deliver whatever you need. Also, before you buy wholesale medals, you can think creatively.

Highlight the Use of Medals:

8. Buy Medals in Bulk for Various Occasions

Every medal conveys emotion. Once a person wins a medal, it means a lot to him. This is why there are many factors that you must keep in mind before purchasing medals wholesale. Office workers, students, team members, and others who receive medals are the happiest people when they receive their medals. Many labored hard among them without the recognition they deserved. This is when the medals come and push them forward.

1) Attractive Design

That’s why they deserve only the highest quality medals every time. You need a trusted source for the wholesale purchase of medals for all occasions. Before entering into this partnership, you need to know how to choose the best and the unsuitable. You have to know what makes design attractive to people and what doesn’t. You need to know about the materials used to make medals wholesale such as bronze, silver, gold, and various materials.

2) Engraving and Manufacturing Process

Different materials have different costs according to their performance. Be sure to choose the correct material before buying in bulk. You should know how these medals are carved and what process your manufacturer uses to make the medals you will be buying in bulk. Reputable wholesale suppliers of medals tend to use the laser engraving process. There are different types of medals such as soft enamel, hard enamel, and non-enamel 2D and 3D colors with different types of features and benefits.

After you have decided on the perfect type of medal to order, you should also consider the finish you want such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze, Jet Black, or Paint other color-based finishes. You can get any of these from us with full attention to detail. From the latest modern alternatives to spray painting to traditional shiny gold, silver, and other plates, whatever you are looking for you can find it here.

You will not have to search for medal wholesale suppliers anymore because you can get everything you want by contacting us. We use a laser enamel engraving process and offer optional accessories for wholesale medal orders. Buy wholesale medals from us and you get great savings on extras like custom coins, pin badges, and more.

Engraving and Manufacturing Process

9. Conclusion

If you keep these in mind, you will make the right decision when buying medals wholesale in any case. We never make any compromises on the quality of our medals. All these points above and all requirements will be fulfilled if you choose us as your medal wholesale supplier. So if you want to buy medals in bulk, please contact us today.

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