An Ultimate Guide for Cardboard Baler

If you’re looking for information on cardboard balers, chances are you’re dealing with a lot of recyclable waste. Since balers are capable of reducing cardboard waste by approximately 90%, they are a fantastic investment for anyone running a warehouse. While they require an upfront cost, they can also generate additional revenue for your operation. In this guide, we’ll cover all the basics you need to know before buying a cardboard baler. Read on to learn more about how balers can benefit your team.

1. What is a cardboard baler?

A cardboard baler is also called a cardboard press machine, it is a mechanism designed to realize cardboard recycling by applying via a metal plate which is actuated by a ram enormous pressure and force to loosen boxes or carton pieces. With such enormous force, it is possible to compact carton pieces into crushed and tightly structured cardboard, easy-to-transport cubes, and rectangular-shaped boxes. Due to this reason, a cardboard baler is also called a cardboard compactor. It is a machine used for packing sheet paper, board, and pulp board.

An Ultimate Guide for Cardboard Baler

2. What is the application range of a cardboard baler?

A cardboard baler, which has a mechanical structure cooperating with imported high-quality cutting and compacting components, applies to different fields and industries. The detailed application range of the equipment is as follows:

1) The enterprise that manufactures cartons and cardboard packaging boxes

The cardboard packaging box is mainly used for carton packaging, paper packaging, parcel letter packaging, medicine box packaging, light industry packaging, hardware tool packaging, ceramic products packaging, auto parts packaging, daily chemical products packaging, stationery and sports supplies packaging, component packaging, aluminum material packaging, and other large and small goods packaging and bundling. The cardboard baler is one smart investment for cardboards manufacturer.

2) Traditional manufacturing companies

For traditional manufacturing companies, the majority of their products shall be packed in boxes either to be stored in the warehouse or delivered to the customer sites. Packaging boxes in any regular shape, especially the cube, can save storage space. The stocking efficiency can be improved with a regular stocking pattern.

3) Recycling Company

Waste disposal is a key issue in the field of renewable energy. The invention of a cardboard baler makes cardboard recycling easier work. With this machine, pieces of used cartons can be transformed into one new cardboard within minutes. The machine saves time and labor as well as serves the purpose of recycling.

4) Environmental-friendly company

The primary principle of one environmental-friendly company is utilizing the used material to a maximum degree rather than using new materials. A cardboard baler can be counted as an alternative for cardboard containers or bins. The cartons in scattered pieces require more storage space and no matter how big is the size of the cardboard containers, it is less effective than a machine that changes the wastes and pieces into one functional cardboard.

5) Household user

A cardboard baler is not necessarily a machine used in business. Since the government encourages recycling actions and the price of cartons is getting higher, the small-sized baler can save the overall cost of household bins. The family no longer has to pay for the handling fee of carton pieces but achieve new packaging cartons. The cardboard baler is one smart choice for a waste management system. At the same time, people who carry out recycling jobs at home can omit the transportation of wastes from home to the handle center and this is one contribution to energy saving.

An Ultimate Guide for Cardboard Baler

3. What is the function of a cardboard baler?

If one finds out that he or she has spent a large amount of money on cardboard for business or personal purposes, cardboards in different sizes are in demand daily. In this case, a cardboard baler will definitely be one valuable fixed asset. The cost of the machine will soon be covered by the amount that is saved from the high operating efficiency and low cost. The cardboard baler can handle the need of packing cartons in different sizes since the apertures of balers are designed to be easily changed to be suitable for various conditions.

The cardboard baler enjoys a wide application range and the cartons can be achieved without replacing the machine. The switching procedure for the blades of one cardboard baler is not one difficult task and the working performance is quite stable, especially when some components are imported. The machine can save the labor force and is ensured to be of a long lifetime, one shall stock one baler as the fixed asset.

4. What are the different types of cardboard balers?

The cardboard balers come in different types and they can be classified by various factors:

1)Design and capacity

The cardboard balers are suitable for different application conditions and the variations are realized by the modifications in operation directions and working capacities.

  • Horizontal baler
  • Vertical baler
  • Heavy-duty cardboard baler
  • Medium-sized cardboard baler
  • Small-sized cardboard baler

2) Operation mode:

  • Hydraulic cardboard baler: The main component is a hydraulic machine, and it is equipped with guide rails for pushing and pressing feeding tools, a frame plate, and other devices to pack and buckle cardboard cartons through the steel belts.
  • Pneumatic cardboard baler: This machine utilizes compressed air to collect and compact cardboard, plastic pieces, and bottles as well as other wastes into a tidy state.

3) Bundling mode:

  • Continuous bundling mode: without any switch operation, the machine is continuously bundling cartons according to the set interval time; this mode is suitable for mass production line operation.
  • Manual bundling mode: each time when the bundling button switch is pressed down, one carton will be bunded; this type is suitable for the occasions when the production speed is relatively slow or several bundling operations are required each time.
  • Automatic bundling mode: this is the most common mode and the automatic operation mode can be activated via different switches:
  • Ball switch: The ball switch is arranged on the working bench, the pieces or material to be bundled move on the bench, and when the ball switch is pressed down, the cardboard baler will automatically bundle one box.
  • Step switch: Each time when the operator steps down the step switch, the baler will operate once.

An Ultimate Guide for Cardboard Baler

5. What determines the working efficiency of a cardboard baler?

Good quality is the first priority, but working efficiency, i.e., packaging speed, is equally important because packaging speed directly affects the cost of packaging. Thus, the factors that affect the speed of packaging shall also be emphasized during the selection of a cardboard baler.

1) Movement speed

The first comes the movement speed, especially that of the hydraulic cylinder. The baler has to move back and forth several times to make a hydraulic cylinder, so the speed of the hydraulic cylinder movement efficiency has the most direct effect on the packing speed. To match the hydraulic pump with the suitable flow, the size of the cylinder bore shall be selected appropriately, including selecting valve blocks and pipelines with matching diameters. The reasonable configuration of the hydraulic system, under the premise of ensuring the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, is crucial for the speed of the hydraulic cylinder.

2) Length of feeding tunnels

The length of the feeding tunnel determines the amount of material being cut in the baler, and the number of cutting each time determines the number of round-trips of a baler hydraulic cylinder. To complete the same task, in the case of a shorter feeding tunnel and less cardboard material under compacting operation, the packing speed will be slow and it will require more round trips of the hydraulic cylinder compared to the machine with a longer feeding tunnel.

3) Height of feeding tunnels

In addition to the length of the feeding tunnel, the height of the hopper also has a great influence on the speed of the packing speed. If the feeding tunnel is installed at a relatively higher position, more waste can be stored at one time. As more waste or pieces are stored in the tunnel, the cardboard baler can process more material each time.

4) Operation program

Finally, the performance of the control program can also determine the packaging speed. The operation program shall be designed considering the aforementioned factors and be debugged to make sure stability during daily operation. It is to say that the structure of the baler itself and the performance of the control program shall work together to achieve a faster and better performance of a cardboard baler.

6. What are the common faults in a cardboard baler?

A cardboard baler can be used for a long time. However, the wear of parts in use and poor lubrication will cause damage to parts, and faults might occur without proper care or maintenance, so it is very important to quickly find and eliminate faults. Most of the faults can be solved and eliminated by the users themselves.

1) Steel belt fault

  • The steel belt is unable to cut the waste continuously.
  • Cause: The cutting blade is worn.
  • Maintenance method: Check whether any serious abrasion or fault exists in the cutting blade or cutting blade frame; if so, blade replacement is required.

2) Low operating pressure

  • Maintenance method: Check whether the operating pressure is correct.
  • Solution: Adjust the pressure to the correct value.

7. How to carry out maintenance work on a cardboard baler?

  •  Remove debris or dirt from the cardboard baler once a week.
  • Carry out the work of cleaning, maintenance, and lubrication on the front working bench and cutting blade once a month.
  • In addition to the two maintenance tasks mentioned above, add lubricating oil to all shafts and bearings once every three months.
  • Refill the engine oil into the gearbox every two years.
  • During each lubrication, the oil shall not be added too much to avoid the faults in micro switches caused by oil immersion.
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